1. Vex von Prufenpuden
  2. 07/20/2020
  3. 68.6
  4. $110,000.00
  5. Nothing Vexing About This Handsome Boy
  6. Big Black Beautiful Bold Babysitter


    WOW!  Did I really just type that?  Yes, yes I did and I meant every bit of it.  Vex is stunning, powerful, super trained and a first class child care assistant if there ever was one.  Home raised by professional trainer Paula (Harris) Peed on her farm while raising two children under two.  You'll seem many cameos of the children in Vex's extensive development videos.  The proof is in the video and unlike other companies that just talk about how their dogs are raised, we show it.

Under Paula's tutelage, Vex has learned to be kind, loving, patient and bold.  She has an amazing way with dogs and kids.  She is the perfect combination of kind and firm with a take no-nonsense approach to raising super dogs and children.  Dogs instinctively take on the personality of their caretakers and Vex has had some amazing role models to emulate. Vex just might be the perfect dog for your lifestyle or maybe not. 

The fastest way to find out is ask the people that know him best.  Contact Master Trainer David Harris +1.502.542.9747 or text him for fast response times and simply ask.  He will guide you though the process to see if Mr. Vex is a match or perhaps one of our other amazing dogs is a better match.  It all starts with a call.  So, call now.  Super dogs sell fast.

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Vex von Prufenpuden Video Archive

Shopping With Vex 2.5y Old

2.5y Old Versatile Vex Life Prufen Wheelchair Heeling

Agility Course With Valiant Vex 2y Old

Vex 19MO German Shepherd PDS Rock Star Protection

Baby Watching With Vex 7MO German Shepherd Patient W/ 1Yr Old Child

Creeper Van Action With Vex 4.5 Mo's Early Personal Protection Training

Agility Work With Vex 13 Wks Black GSD Elite Super Star

Vex von Prufenpuden Photo Gallery

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