1. Vinca von Prufenpuden
  2. 07/18/2020
  3. 59.2
  4. $75,000.00
  5. Smooth As Silk! Stunning Beauty Powerful Protection!

    Bold, Beautiful and Brave are terms easily attributed to this super star dog.  Vinca is a dog with exceptional genetics, that was placed with a seasoned professional, raised and trained in her home just like she was one of her own dogs but with the full support of the PDS team.  Travel, farm life, professional training from weaning until now.  No stone has been left unturned in her development and training.  This beautiful girl is not only stunning to look at, but stunning to watch work.  Smoot as silk, accurate and fast.  She is sweet, happy, willing to please and a dog destined to bring joy and peace of mind to her future lucky family. 

Swimming, hiking, biking and living her best life while we documented with an extensive video playlist from weaning to current day this beautiful girl does it all and shows it all.  Confidence simply oozes from her and that leave the bad guys wary and far away if they know what is good for them.  Let Vinca wrap your life and home in her shield of confidence and protection.  She can handle the load and will be please to lighten yours.

Call now and talk with Master Trainer David Harris to get the full details on the boy and see if he might be the right one for you.  502-542-9747 (Texting is always a good way to get our attention)

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Vinca von Prufenpuden Video Archive

2.5y Old Venturesome Vince Shows Off Tricks And Agility Work