1. Zera von Prufenpuden
  2. 12/15/2020
  3. 57.0
  4. $110,000.00
  5. Something Something Something Special About This One
  6. Special Is As Special Does

    Here at Protection Dog Sales we are not big on talk.  Rather we like to show.  Zera is exactly the same.  She is calm, quiet, easy going and reserves her emotions and actions for the appropriate moment.  She walks softly and carries a big stick.  A beautiful, perfectly breed, raised and trained young Doberman with a long, long healthy life ahead, Zera really speaks for herself through her actions. We love everything about this beautiful girl.

A calm, steady, fun, happy dog that has absolutely no back up in her protective nature she is rare. Home Raised, Professionally Trained dog that just loves being part of a family.  Travel, hiking, biking or just snuggling in a warm blanket and watching old movies this girl is ready and willing to please.  She bonds quickly and deeply and wants nothing more than to please.  Video @ 4 Weeks  Started this super Dobe off and running early.  A repeat of a very famous litter we had high hopes from the beginning and Zera has never failed to please.  We know this dog.  We don't know you.  So, let's get the conversation started to see if this is the right dog for you.  Contact us @ 502-542-9747 (Texting Is Always Best For Fast Replies) and ask for David.  He started this program well over three decades ago and he is a skilled match maker.

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Watch me grow up here.

The best dogs do not just happen.  They are created though hard work, love and dedication to craft.  We have put our best into the development and training of this beautiful dog and it shows in her development videos.  Watch and enjoy.