1. Condy IPO 2
  2. 03/06/2018
  3. 87.0
  4. $30,000.00
  5. What Do We Have Here??? Check Him Out!
  6. Check This One Out!

    Along comes an anomaly. What do I mean by that? Condy is an import.  PDS doesn't have imports. We breed, raise and train our own dogs.  But, Condy needed a hand and we stepped in to assist.  He was imported for a police program and just didn't have the skillset for that task.  Dare I say he might be a bit to sweet :)  LOL  Regardless his heart wasn't into that type of work and he needed to find a new vocation so we stepped in to assist.  

    Condy is a very good boy and a favorite at the training center.  All the girls love them some Condy.  Steady nerves, great obedience and skills and a fun dog to have around and he is priced for a "QUICK" sell so don't dally.

Call now and let us explain exactly what Condy is and isn't.  He is perfect for someone and someone is going to get the deal of the century with this handsome boy.  He has traveled extensively, has great natural protection skills and has rare beauty to top it all off.

Call Master Trainer David Harris now and discuss your needs with him.  502-542-9747 (texting is the fastest way to get attention) or Email dogmailcsu@aol.com  And ask to learn more about Condy

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