1. Yoel von Prufenpuden
  2. 11/03/2020
  3. 75.4
  4. $85,500.00
  5. Stunning Good Looks Beautiful Mind Big Heart & Soul
  6. What Do We Have Here?

    Yoel von Prufenpuden was raised in a family with two small girls, a passel of small pets and farm animals. He has been exposed to just about every imaginable distraction one can imagine that a busy, busy life will throw at a modern family.  Yoel took that experience in stride and thrived.  On top of his stunning good looks, this boy has heart.  He wants to love and he wants to please his humans.  A huge part of what we do here at PDS is make sure our dogs love and bond to people.  That bond is where the safe protection comes from and Yoel has that in spades.

Yoel's powerhouse protection is a threat to the bad guys, but his heart and steady temperment make him a fun, safe, confident dog to live with.  This boy has good nerves, hundreds of hours of real world experiences and that all shows in his extensive video library we worked so hard to produce for you. 

Take the time to watch our unedited video of this boy from weaning to now and SEE for yourself his personality, focus and professional training.  The Proof Is In The Pudding (or video) and the Pudding is good with Yoel. 

Call now and speak with Master Trainer David Harris to learn if Yoel is the right match for your lifestyle.  +1.502.542.9747 (texting is best for faster service).

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Yoel von Prufenpuden Video Archive

NEW "Video Brochure"! Elite Level Family Personal Protection Dog "Yoel"

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Can I Get The Bad Guy?! Yoel 11m German Shepherd

Desensitization Training Yoel 8m Bi- Black GSD No Back Down Nerves

Proofing For Life Bicycle Partner Yoel 6m German Shepherd

Horse Play With "Yoel" 4 M

"Yoel" 14 Wks Obedience And Agility Obstacles

Confident Focused Strong Enthusiastic "Yoel" 10w

Yoel von Prufenpuden Video Playlist

No. Dogs like Yoel don't just happen.  A "TON" of effort, time, love and dedication to craft went into creating this amazing animal. Take your time and watch him grow up.

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