1. Yula von Prufenpuden
  2. 11/03/2020
  3. 54.0
  4. $52,500.00
  5. Protective Power In A Small Package
  6. Beautiful Fun Powerhouse Protection

    Yula might not be the biggest dog to come out of our famous "Y" litter, but she doesn't know that.  She has big heart, big attitude and a big love for protecting her family.  She is a sweet dog with a "TON" of life experiences that will serve her and her new family well going forward.  She is a content dog.  She is content to go, see the world, hike, bike, swim and play or she is equally content to hang out at home and watch old movies.  She is an easy dog to live with and an easy to to please.

What makes her most happy is pleasing her people.  You can see the focus, determination and desire to please in her development videos.  Her foster family and lead trainer have massive experience in the development of a super dog and they did not falter in their dedication to making Yula all that she could be.  It shows in the video.  Confident, happy, willing to please and well prepared to come to your home and provide another lay of security, love and fun.  She could be the perfect dog for you.  How will you know?  Well......You have to call.  Master Trainer David Harris is standing by to take your call and walk you though the selection process.  He knows the questions to ask you and the information from you that is necessary to see if Yula is a good match.  Call now. It is free and painless to ask questions and learn more. Don't wait another minute +1.502.542.9747 (texting is always the fastest way to get a quick response)

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Yula von Prufenpuden Video Archive

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"Yula" 2y1m Old Life Prufen Wheelchair Heeling

"Yula" 23m Old Splish Splash Pool Time

"Yula" 22m Old Horse Play

"Yula" 16m Old Enthusiasm For Protection

Pocket Sized Super Star "Yula" 7.5m Old Obedience And Tricks

"Yula" 4m Old Agility Athletic Speed Racer

8w Old "Yula" Superstar Puppy

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