1. Yumi von Prufenpuden
  2. 11/03/2020
  3. 55.8
  4. $52,500.00
  5. Family Companion Security Protection Fun Love Bug Dog
  6. Checks All The Boxes!!

    What more can I say?  Yumi just simply has it all.  Good looks.  Sweet nature.  Kind soul.  Big heart.  Super genetics to back up the amazing early life, development and training.  Incredible foster family life where she got to travel, meet all types of animals, kids, noises and just experience life at 100 MPH.  That is what it takes to raise a super dog like Yumi.  When you watch her videos, which are not edited by the way, you can "SEE" with your own eyes this dog has a focused mind, big heart, brains and a willingness to please that just sets her apart.

Add to that her physical beauty, athletic nature and beautiful type, this dog is a winner from top to bottom. As I said she before, she just checks off all the boxes.  Home raised, world traveler, beautiful dog with heart and soul.  What more could you ask for in a young personal protection dog with exceptional training, drive and spirt? I don't know what more you can ask for, but if you do ask, you can be sure that we know the answers.  We bred, raised and trained her so we know her.  Call now and "ASK" for more information about Yumi.  Tell us about yourself and we can help you work though the process of making a good match.  Three decades of experience doing just that has made us masters at our craft.  But, we cannot help you if you don't call.  CALL NOW and stop messing around.  Ask for David and let's get this process started +1.502.542.9747  (PRO TIP) Texting is always the fastest way to get attention or simply email for more information.  dogmailcsu@aol.com

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Yumi von Prufenpuden Video Archive

Working With New Cow Friends "Yumi" At 3 Years Old.

"Yumi" 2y10m Sends Message To Pushy Hobo

Yumi 2.5y Old Obedience/Protection Training Drill

Real World Training With Yumi 2.5y Old

Yumi 2y Old Check Out Her Manners - Obedience/Tricks Session

How About A Boat Ride With Yumi 20m Old

Out Going "Yumi" 9m Confident Obedience & Tricks

Intense Confidence & Nerve 7.5m GSD Yumi During Fun Sparing Prey Drive

Yumi 5.5m Obedience With Moxey Drive Skills Learning To Navigate With Bike

Yumi 3.5 Mo Offsite Obedience Smart, Talented Focused Lady

Confident Courageous Happy Early Training "Yumi" 9w

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