1. Daphne von Prufenpuden
  2. 04/12/2021
  3. 65.0
  4. $60,000.00
  5. This Could Be The One! Take A Good Look. Kid Lover!!!
  6. Beautiful Type Beautiful Mind

    This beautiful girl is all heart.  She is kind, sweet, smart and willing to please.  Her foster family has instilled a wonderful soul and character into this dog.  They are easy going, happy people and that home life has reflected nicely into Daphne.  We love everything about her.  Steady and calm in the home, excellent with small dogs and cats.  Travels well and has amazing manners out in public.  This solid German Shepherd is ready to join a home and make a lasting impression.

Power verse Safety is a big theme here at PDS.  Daphne is the poster child for this concept.  She is a confident young dog and has zero edginess to her nature and that makes her safe.  Yet, she is powerful in her protective skills and takes protecting her family seriously, but never in a over-reactive way or out of control way.  Measured, safe, willing to please, but alert and mindful of potential threats.  And "YES" she loves, loves, loves kids.

If you think Daphne might be the right dog to join you or your family the next step is to contact us and let us talk you though the process.  We have decades of experience matching dog to family and will honestly tell you no if you're looking at a dog that isn't suitable to your lifestyle.  We say "NO" a lot and oftentimes people get angry at us for not selling them a dog.  But, that is ok.  We want good matches and not just profits.  So, learn about the process and then trust us to guide you along the way.  Contact David Harris 502-542-9747 (texting is a cool, fast way to get his attention) and let him put his decades of experience to work for you.

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Dogs like Daphne don't just happen.  They are created though hard work and dedication.  Great genetics, great puppy life, early training, love and dedication make great dogs.  Watch her grow up.