1. Nestle von Prufen
  2. 02/12/2022
  3. 20.0
  4. $12,500.00
  5. New Litter Coming Soon! Call NOW!!!
  6. Amazing Opportunity!!!

    Be smart and take advantage of this rare and amazing opportunity.  We have the dog of your dreams.  He just isn't done growing up yet.  We have the time, experience, skill, staff, talent and proven background to do the work to raise the most amazing, loving, powerful, naturally protective and beautiful dog of your dreams. We have a documented 30 year track record of success and we are offering you the chance to get in on the ground floor before the price goes up, up, up.  This dog has Elite Super Dog written all over his face and his superior genetics tell the tale of what he will become in our capable and skilled hands.  There really is no mystery except if you are ready to take the journey with us.

    *****10 Months Minimum Contract Required*******

    $3,500/month Paid By The Month

Nestle (yes, you can change his name), is for sale with additional training only.  The "Super Dog" program is well documented and works to raise the most amazing young Dobermans on the planet.  We do it all the time for our selves and these dogs sell for six figures.  Let us do it for you and save yourselves a lot of money and to get the full customization that makes this program so special.  We are very, very good at what we do and this amazing pup is already off to an amazing start.  Jump in now or regret it later.  Contact Master Trainer and CEO of PDS "David Harris" for a full explanation of this amazing opportunity.  Call 502-542-9747 (texting is best for fast response time) or email dogmailcsu@aol.com 

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