1. Bean von Prufenpuden (Sold)
  2. 05/10/2010
  3. 65.0
  4. $25,000.00
  5. Sold to a wonderful family......Great dogs sell fast!

    Ok, here it is.  I have been ask and ask and ask if I would sell my personal dog "Bean von Prufenpuden" and the answer is yes.  All of my dogs are for sale, but they don't come cheap and only to approved homes where I feel they will thrive.  I have personally cared for and raised this dog from the age of six weeks on.  She is the daughter of Kobe von Prufenpuden who we bred, trained and titled and is still competing even though he will be eight years old this year.  And her mother is an equally impressive dog as well and has produced amazing dog after amazing dog for us.  I also raised, trained and titled Bean's grandmother and I also owned her great grandmother as well.  She is an amazing animal and has been very fun to raise and train.  She has made me proud every step of the way and has never let me down and always steps up to give me what I want from her.  

Her obedience videos start with her at the tender age of ten weeks and continue to current and there are no less than a dozen protection videos of her as well that document her development over the last two years.  She is as strong, if not stronger, of a protection dog as I have ever personally raised and yet what is the most amazing part about her is her gentle nature.  She is calm and steady in all situations, great with children, great with small dogs and other pets.  She is an amazing house dog that is clean natured beyond belief and has never shown one incident of destructive tendency.  She is often so quiet in the house that I forget that she is there, but she is ever vigilant to outside activity and will be there first to alert if there is a stranger around the home or car.  When she does go off it scares even me since she is so calm and quiet that you don't expect such sounds to come out of her.

If you think you might be interested in owning this caliber of animal for the personal enjoyment and protection of you, your home and family give me and call and we'll discuss the possibilities of owning a  truly exceptional animal.  502-542-9747 and ask for David

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