1. Audrie von Prufenpuden
  2. 01/25/2021
  3. 66.0
  4. $74,500.00
  5. Driven, Sharp, Focused, Loveable Audrie
  6. Beautiful Kind Gentle Compliant

    How do we know?  We know.  We know :)  LOL  We know and we have documented it.  She is a true representation of the breeding and work we do here at PDS.  This girl has super parents and the apple has not fallen far from the family tree.  Kind and complaint, easy to live with, smart, trainable and capable dogs.  Audrie is no exception.  She is the rule and what we expect from our development programs here at PDS.  Audrie has an wonderful video library showing her development from weaning until now.  No guess work.  We do not edit our videos so what you see is what you get.  Show Your Work!  Please take the time to watch her grow up by watching her video playlist and you will know too! This girl is amazing.

Getting the right dog for yourself or your family starts with education and research and we can help guide that process.  Getting the right match requires accurate information and we are very good at asking questions and digging in to find the right dog, not just a dog or any dog, the right dog for you.  Is Audrie the right dog?  We don't know because we do not know you, your lifestyle, needs and timeline for getting a dog.  So email us know for more information and then follow up with a text to Master Trainer David Harris to set up a call to start learning more about the process.  502-542-9747



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Audrie von Prufenpuden Video Playlist

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The best dogs do not just happen.  They are created though hard work, love and dedication to craft.  We have put our best into the development and training of this beautiful dog and it shows in the development videos.  Watch and enjoy.