1. Archie von Prufenpuden
  2. 01/25/2021
  3. 85.4
  4. $94,500.00
  5. Looks Style Class This Beautiful Boy Has It All!
  6. Big Bold Beautiful Body Heart & Soul

    Some say that Archie wears his heart on his sleeve, but more accurately he wears "Your" heart on his sleeve.  He was bred, built, trained and raised to please and that is just what he does.  Starting with his stunning good looks, this boys personality and willingness to please just add layers of value to any family lucky enough to have a dog like Archie.  He is happy, kind, willing to please, talented and a powerful protector when needed.  This boy is well worth a look and your consideration.

Home raised by Master Trainer Vern Hanna, this beautiful boy got off to an amazing start with excellent genetics and a home that was loving, calm and consistent.  Vern is known for his ability to bring out the heart in a dog and he's done it again with this handsome boy.  Archie has heart!  He is a fun dog that checks all the boxes and has the video documentation to back up our claims.  Hiking, biking, swimming, agility, obedience and protection training by the pro's in the business and excellent video documentation all along the way.  No guessing.  Just Proof In The Pudding.

Be sure to watch his training videos.  His skills are on display and you'll not be disappointed.  Contact Senior Master Trainer David Harris and do it quick if you are looking for the perfect dog for you and your family.  David can help you figure out if Archie is that dog or not.  Do not delay.  He will sell quick!  +1.502.542.9747 or dogmailcsu@aol.com  Text for fastest response time. 



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Archie von Prufenpuden Video Archive

Offsite Obedience is Fun For "Archie" 2y3m

"Archie" 2y - Need A Bicycle Partner?

"Archie" 22m Tandem Obedience With His Brother

"Archie" 20m Protection Work - Steer Clear Message Delivered

Adventurous Lifeguard "Archie" 20m Rescues His Toys During Pool Play

Out & About With "Archie" 11m Obedience Happy Attitude & Demeanor

"Archie" 8m Powerhouse Driven Protection Building Confidence

Powerhouse Puppy "Archie" 9w Early Training Of Home Raised Personal Protection

"Archie" 6wk Watch This Elite Candidate Develop

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