1. Emery von Prufenpuden
  2. 06/08/2021
  3. 64.6
  4. $59,500.00
  5. Farm & Family Raised Elite Personal Protection Dog
  6. Smooth Operator!

    Emery grew up on a working horse farm where obedience and discipline was very, very important to her safety and the safety of all the animals.  So, that forced us to up our game and make her a super, super skilled and disciplined working dog from jump.  It shows in her accurate movements, intense focus and strong work ethic that never fails to please.  Emery is all that and more.  We just love this beautiful girl and have very high hopes that she find just the perfect home to bring out the best in her.  We've built and amazing foundation and now let us show you and train you to get 100% out of this amazing dog.

A steady, fun, happy dog that has absolutely no back up in her protective nature she is rare. A home raised, professionally trained dog that just loves being part of a family.  Travel, hiking, biking or just snuggling in a warm blanket and watching old movies this girl is ready and willing to please.  She bonds quickly and deeply and wants nothing more than to please.  A repeat of a very famous litter, we had high hopes from the beginning and Emery has never failed to please.  We know this dog.  We don't know you.  So, let's get the conversation started to see if this is the right dog for you.  Contact us @  +1.502.542.9747 (Texting Is Always Best For Fast Replies) and ask for Master Trainer David Harris He started this program well over three decades ago and he is a skilled match maker.



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