1. Eira von Prufenpuden
  2. 06/08/2021
  3. 58.6
  4. $65,000.00
  5. Loving Yet Protective The Perfect Combination!
  6. Light On Her Feet & Super Sweet

    This powerhouse personal protection dog is kind, sweet, happy and fun, but she has the training and power to make the bad guys stay off the porch and away from your home and hearth.  Tremendous training and development and super star impulse control.  Raised in an amazing foster home Eira has the life skills to go and go or just stay home and watch old movies with you.  It's your call and she just wants to be part of it.

Well bred, raised and trained, this girl is worth your consideration. Eira is an amazing dog, but each dog has their own set of strengths and weaknesses that can make them perfect for your lifestyle or not such a good fit.  We have made amazing educational video on this process and if you haven't seen that yet, take some time and check it out now.  "HOW TO BUY A PPD"   Then when you are ready call and talk with Master Trainer David Harris to get the full details on this girl and see if she might be the right one for you.  +1.502.542.9747 (Texting is always a good way to get our attention)

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Eira von Prufenpuden Video Archive

I Wouldn't Try To Get In The Car Uninvited With "Eira" At 2 Years Old

Beautiful 2 Year Old Eira Showing Off At The Capital

I Dip, You Dip, We Dip Swimming With "Eira" 23 Month Old

Energetic "Eira" 19 Month Old Tricks & Agility

"Eira" Has Grit 15 Month Old Protection Update - This Beauty Has What It Takes

"Eira" 1 Year Old Enjoying First Boat Ride

Our Hearts Are On Fire For "Eira" 9 Month Old Rock Star Protection

Calm & Confident "Eira" 7 Month Old Tricks And Wonderful Obedience

Power House Foundation "Eira" 5 Month Old Outstanding Grip & Protection

Let The Action Show Begin "Eira" 13 Wk Elite Obedience & Tricks Wow

"Eira" 8 Wks Obedience & Agility

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