1. Granby von Prufenpuden
  2. 07/19/2021
  3. 69.0
  4. $80,000.00
  5. Great Granby Powerhouse Protection With A HUGE Heart
  6. Insanely Talented/Super Stable/Super Sweet

    Shockingly talented and super trained, this boy has been on our radar from our first training session.  Just take the time to watch his incredible detailed playlist of videos and you'll see for yourself and HEAR for yourself what we think and what we have done with this handsome young talented GSD.  We do not EDIT these videos and what you SEE is what you GET and if you're lucky enough to be able to own such a dog you'll never regret it.  He's a special one for sure.

Now begins the matching process.  Send us an email and lets us send you educational video about how to work the process forward to ensure that Super Dog Granby is a "Super Match" for your family and lifestyle. It's just not a match of personalities and natural skills.  Our "SUPER POWER" is matching the right dog with the right family.  And one way we do that is by knowing our dogs, their parents, their lifestyle growing up and their stenghts and weakness.  Now we need to know more about you.  Watch Granby's video libary and learn more about him.  Then contact Master Trainer David Harris and let him guide you forward in the process.  +1.502.542.9747 and as always TEXTING is the best way to get a quick response.  Or email directly to dogmailcsu@aol.com

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Granby von Prufenpuden Video Archive

No Smoke Screen With "Granby" 22m Off Leash Sparring Protection

Offsite Play Training 21m "Granby" With His Best Friend Alex

"Granby" 19m Old Showing Off His Athleticism

Gorgeous "Granby" 15m Personal Protection Dog Poolside

The Great "Granby" 12.5m Obedience & Protection Skills

Advancing The Great "Granby" 9m Protection Rock Star Focus & Obed

Prufenpuden Brain Power Puppy "Granby" 4m

Baby "Granby" 13Wks Tackling Halloween Agility

Starting Grand W/ "Granby" 9Wks

Granby von Prufenpuden Photo Gallery

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