1. Gregor von Prufenpuden
  2. 07/19/2021
  3. 60.8
  4. $70,000.00
  5. Gregor Is Built On Greatness! Loyal Happy Protective Boy
  6. Wow! Looks Happiness Heart & Happy!

    This boy really does have it all.  A great dog that was bred for greatness, raised in a great foster home with children, other pets and a busy, busy life he really has a unique spark that just makes you smile.  Fun, happy obedience, great house manners, loves to travel, hike and bike, but equally happy to lay by your feet and watch old movies for hours on end.  You call the shots with this beautiful boy. 

Gregor is beautiful on the outside, but more importantly he is beautiful on the inside as well.  He has the temperment and life experiences to do well in most any situation and is just a fun, fun, fun dog to be around.  Friendly and social with other pets, happy and sweet with children, he really is an exceptional animal.  Be sure to watch his playlist of videos to get a better feel for the nature of the this super dog, the love and dedication to detail and the athletic ability of this wonderful animal.  Contact Master Trainer David Harris and CEO of Protection Dog Sales to learn more about this amazing dog and discuss if he is the right dog for your lifestyle and situation.  Text for fastest response time or Call  +1.502.542.9747 now.

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Gregor von Prufenpuden Video Archive

Life Proofing Skills With "Gregor" 2 and A Half Years Old

This Halloween Course Is No Challenge For "Gregor" At 27 Months

"Gregor" 2y1m Boat Ride On The Kentucky River

Working Out At The Capital With "Gregor" 2 Years Old.

A Lap Around The Lagoon 22m Old "Gregor"

"Gregor" 16m Life Proofing Bicycle Heeling

No Horse Play With "Gregor" Development At 14m

"Gregor" 14m Means Business With Vehicle Agitation

Knock Out Protection "Gregor" 7m Solid Drive & Grips

"Gregor" 4.5m Early Protection & Desensitization

Fast Learner & Ready To Please "Gregor" 3.5m

Giddy "Gregor" 9 Wk German Shepherd Early Obedience

Gregor von Prufenpuden Photo Gallery

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