1. Grippo von Prufenpuden
  2. 07/19/2021
  3. 69.0
  4. $79,500.00
  5. Grippo Has It...Bold Beautiful Mental And Physical Toughness
  6. He Really Is All That "AND" A Bag Of Chips!

    Beautiful and powerful?  Yes, but equally important he is kind and sweet.  This young stunning GSD has had an amazing life growing up in amazing foster homes with love and dedication to support his every need. He's had the best of everything from his amazing bloodline (Genetics Matters) to hundreds of hours of love and dedication to his training and it shows in his incredible documented playlist of videos.  Do Not over look that playlist.  It shows the hundreds of hours put into travel, training, texting and proofing this dog for life.

Watch His Videos. You will not be disappointed.  We worked hard on Grippo's development, but equally important we took the time, effort and expense to document that work for you to "SEE" for yourself.  Other companies talk about their dogs and we "SHOW" our work. 

You will not be disappointed in this dogs skills. He is an incredible dog with amazing heart and soul to go along with his big brain and bold athletic body.

Contact Senior Master Trainer David Harris and do it quick if you are looking for the perfect dog for you and your family.  David can help you figure out if Grippo is that dog or not.  Do not delay.  He will sell quick! Call  +1.502.542.9747 or dogmailcsu@aol.com  Text for fastest response time. 

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Grippo von Prufenpuden Video Archive

Deep, Calm Grips From "Grippo" 2 and a Half Years Old

Not Only Can He Swim, "Grippo" Can Ride On A Boat.

Can A "Grippo" Float? You Bet! 22m Old

Super Fun To Work Offsite With "Grippo' At 21 Months Old.

"Grippo" 16.5m Life Proofing Wheelchair Heeling Session

"Grippo" 14m Delivers His Message During Vehicle Protection Sparing

Loosen The Reign "Grippo" 14m Obedience Work Alongside Horse

"Grippo" 9m Development & Obedience With Bike Agility

"Grippo" The Rippo 6m Protection Physical & Mental Toughness

"Grippo" Is Ready To Rippo 14w Developing Protection

Haunted Halloween Agility Course With "Grippo" 13wks

Grippo von Prufenpuden Photo Gallery

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