1. Polo von Prufenpuden
  2. 04/16/2022
  3. 59.8
  4. $50,000.00
  5. Polo Could Be The Missing Puzzle Piece To Complete Your Family
  6. Don't CROSS Polo!

    As you might have noticed Polo has unique markings on his chest, but that is not all that is unique about this boy.  As you'll quickly see from his early and extensive video library, this handsome boy has had a busy life.  Early professional training, great family life, tons of travel and experiences.  From his videos you'll SEE that he has acquired a lot of skills.  Obedience/Tricks/Swimming/Biking along with home & car protection skills.  He is a steady dog, not excitable by nature with solid on and off leash obedience skills.

    We know our dogs and we know Polo.  We can help you walk through the process and see if this dog is a good or great match for you, your family and your lifestyle.

Take the time to watch our unedited video of this boy from weaning to now and SEE for yourself his personality, focus and professional training.  This boy has had a busy life and it shows in the development video. Also, be sure to listen to the trainers talk about his in the video.  They know this dog.  Their comments on video are golden, unfiltered and unedited.  Other companies tell you what they think you want to hear.  We just tell you what we know..

Call now and speak with Master Trainer David Harris to learn if Polo is the right match for your lifestyle.  +1.502.542.9747 (texting is best for faster service).

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Polo von Prufenpuden Video Archive

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Powerhouse "Polo" 13m Confident Obedient Protection Session

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6.5m Old "Polo" Spots The Foe During Sparring Session

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