1. Gary von Prufen
  2. 05/13/2022
  3. 62.4
  4. $65,000.00
  5. Look Here For Something Special, Gary Could Be A Part Of Your Family
  6. Yes, He Is Totally A "Gary" 

    Wonderful breeding, early development and training have cemented this boys character into something very special.  We love Gary and his detailed video library shows the time, love and dedication we have put into developing his sweet "Gary" personality.  He is kind, willing to please and easy to love.  Underneath that sweet, kind nature is the heart of a LION!  There is simply no back down in this boy.  His medium size is perfect for those on the go or with physical limitations (try lifting a 100lb dog into a vehicle) or car/bus or plane travel. If you are looking for a family personal protection dog don't overlook this sweet boy.

He is living in a "Amazing Foster Home" and is thriving under the demands of our professional training programs specially designed for him.  We are very good at breeding, raising and developing Giant Schnauzers for family use.  The Proof is in the Pudding.  Check out his videos and watch his early training and development.  Call David now for details.  +1.502.542.9747  We only have a few.  Act fast. (Pro-Tip) Text For Fastest result. 

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Gary von Prufen Video Archive

Learning Important Life Skills "Gary" At 1 and Half Years Old.

16m "Gary" Keeps Handler Safe From Danger

Gary 16m Offsite Obedience At The Capital

"Gary" 10 Mo Sends Message During Protection Session

"Gary" 7.5m GS Bicycle Heeling With Agility

Young Giant Schnauzer Pup "Gary" 4+ Mo's Early Obed/Tricks

"Gary" Giant Schnauzer 4 Mo Super Dog

"Gary" Von Prüfen Giant Schnauzer 3.5 MO Early Development

Giant Schnauzer "Gary" Von Prufen 11 Wk

Gary von Prufen Video Playlist

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Gary von Prufen Photo Gallery

This dog is wonderful and so photogenic. Check out his photoshoot.

My First Photoshoot