1. Ajax von Prufenpuden "Sold"
  2. 07/19/2010
  3. $20,000.00
  4. Sweet & Powerful Fun

    Ajax is a super nice adult black German Shepherd out of a litter full of super dogs. Ajax is descended from the best European bloodlines that money can buy and out of three generations of our dogs that we raised, trained and titled. We are very proud of this breeding and Ajax doesn't disappoint. He is kind, willing to please, hard working and yet a powerful protection dog that is sure to instill confidence and pleasure.

Ajax loves to ride, is sociable in all situations and up to the task of protecting your home.  Excellent manners, very clean natured and overall just a pleasure to be around.  Give us a call if you think this adult male might be the type of dog you would like to add to your home.  Ask for David or Aric.  502-542-9747

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