1. Spritz von Prufenpuden
  2. 06/14/2022
  3. 62.6
  4. $65,000.00
  5. Add A Little "Spritz" In Your Life
  6. The Tail Wags The Dog!

    So, so, so happy that it's contagious!  You are not around Spritz very long before her bubbly personality just starts to rub off on you.  But, this girl has ability and proficiency to balance out that happy nature of hers.  Super obedient, fun, powerful and a safe protector of the home and hearth. She is wonderful with children/pets and other types of animals.  Well traveled with great life experiences to back up her wonderful genetics.  Check out her wonderful videos documenting her development.  The proof is in the pudding (video) and this girl shows herself well. 

You can rest assured that PDS has the best staff, the best care, the best programs for ensuring that Spritz has everything she needs to achieve a very high level of development and training.  This beautiful. full of life, outgoing, happy girl could be the dog of your dreams..  Call now to learn more.  Master Trainer and CEO of Protection Dog Sales, David Harris, is standing by to take your call.   +1.502.542.9747  (Pro Tip) Texting is the fastest way to get his attention.

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Spritz von Prufenpuden Video Archive

Showing Off With "Spritz" At The Capital Only 22 Months Old.

Proofing For Real Life Drill With "Spritz" 19 Months Old.

There Is No Backup In This Girls Protection "Spritz" at 19 Months

Take A Dip With "Spritz" at 15 Months Old

Boat Ride "Spritz" 14m Proofing For Life Protection At Your Side

Add A Little "Spritz" In Your Life 10m Sparring Session

"Spritz" 10m Obedience Tricks Session

Family Security GSD "Spritz" 9m Obedience Agility Session

Tail Wagging "Spritz" 4m Tackles Short Agility Course With Ease

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