1. Sara von Prufenpuden
  2. 06/14/2022
  3. 60.4
  4. $70,000.00
  5. Sweet Sara Will Sink Right Into Your Heart
  6. Old Soul Heart Kindness "LOVE"

    Sara is the real deal.  A beautiful heart, super willingness to make your happy, manners, kindness and consideration for your needs and the looks to make your proud to have her by your side at all times.  People constantly underestimate this girls power because of her calm, sweet nature, but you would be sadly mistaken.  The is no back up or back down in this one.  Generations of Prufenpuden Bloodlines flow though this girls veins and she is POWERFUL and WILLING to protect her family. 

Hiking, biking, swimming, camping, ball play and pet friendly manners with other dogs is just part of what make her so versatile. This beautiful girl really is willing to please and happy.  Sara has been educated and provided with everything she needs to achieve a very high level of development and training.  Call now to learn more and find out if she might be a great match for you.  Master Trainer and CEO of Protection Dog Sales, David Harris, is standing by to take your call  +1.502.542.9747  (Pro Tip) Texting is the fastest way to get his attention.

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Sara von Prufenpuden Video Archive

Car Protection With "Sara" At 21 Months Old.

Real Life Protection Drill With "Sara" 19 Months Old.

Working With A Group On Being Patient "Sara" 19 Months

Going For A Bike Ride With "Sara" At 16 Months Old.

Agility Course Challenge "Sara" 13m

Spring Is In The Air! "Sara" 8 Mo's Lake Swimming Life Skills

"Sara" 5m3w Short Agility Course Work Session

"Sara" 4.5m Protective Prey Drive Development

Savvy Lil' "Sara" Bi-Black 2.5 Mo Obedience Development

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