1. Usher von Prufenpuden
  2. 07/24/2022
  3. 57.8
  4. $40,000.00
  5. LOOK AT THAT FACE! Could This Be The One???
  6. Something Special About This Beautiful Boy!

    The "U" Litter is packed full of amazing puppies, but there is just a special little twinkle in this boys eye.  It caught my attention and maybe it caught yours too.  Check out his early training videos and see the easy of which he is taking to the training.  Look at his mental and physical toughness and he tackles new challenges.  PDS prides itself in early documentation of our dogs and we are all over it with this young boy.  If you want to SEE the level of potential a puppy like Usher has then take a peek at his older brothers development videos.  Shaq von Prufenpuden showed early that he would be special and you'll see those traits in Usher too.

You buy in and pay by the month for his continued development and training.  We will customize the training to suit your goals and needs.  We are masters at this and it shows in our massive body of work.  Well over 10,000 videos show us develop Super Dog for lucky families all over the world.  Learn more about our Prufenpuden Bloodlines Here.

2 months, paid by the month, will be required to finish his development and training.  That is a minimum, not maximum.  Maybe you'll want more with this Rock Star. 

This program is a best buy and you'll save thousands by getting in early and locking in the price.  Inflation, crime and political uncertainty continue to fuel the need for more and more security options for your family.  The prices will continue to rise.  So call now, lock in now and get the dog of your dreams.

Master Trainer David Harris is standing by to discuss your needs.  +1.502.542.9747 (Texting Is Always A Good Option For Faster Service).

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