1. Usher von Prufenpuden
  2. 07/24/2022
  3. 64.8
  4. $95,000.00
  5. LOOK AT THAT FACE! Could This Be The One???
  6. Something Special About This Handsome Boy!

    The "U" Litter was packed full of amazing puppies, but there was just a special little twinkle in this boy's eye.  It caught my attention early in his development and maybe it will catch yours too.  Check out his early training videos and see the ease of which he is taking to the training.  Look at his mental and physical toughness and how he tackles new challenges.  PDS prides itself in early documentation of our dogs and we were all over it with Usher and it shows.  Starting as a wee puppy going for his first swim at 7 Wks all the way up to 2 Yrs working in the park off leash.  Great documentation of a cool dog who was raised specifically for this purpose.  Family, home, companionship, friendship and security.  The full package with this dog includes snuggles, cool tricks and ball play for days.

You are sure to be impressed with Usher, I know we are, but now the real fun begins.  Matching.  We have to learn more about you to know if this is a good match or a great match.  Step number one is to watch and listen to his videos.  We made them for a reason.  Unedited and unbiased information about this dog.  It is priceless and you won't find this with other fly by night companies.  We did the work for you.  Once you get a feel about Usher, then contact us and tell us about yourself.  We have no peer when it comes to the matching process.  Experience Matters and we have decades doing exactly this work.

Master Trainer David Harris is standing by to discuss your needs.  +1.502.542.9747 (Texting Is Always A Good Option For Faster Service).

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