1. Ulan von Prufenpuden
  2. 07/24/2022
  3. 62.2
  4. $125,000.00
  5. Amazing Young Doberman With Elite Training & Development by PDS
  6. Oh Yes He Can!!

    Who can?  Ulan can!  He is a sweet, well bred, loving, bold and a naturally protective Doberman with excellent genetics, early training and development, great social skills and all the little details that matter when raising a super dog. Watch his impressive video playlist and listen to us gush and goo about this amazing young dog.  Not just his amazing obedience, tricks and life skills, but his sweet, happy, willing to please nature.  It doesn't matter how "FLASHY" a dog is in video if they are hard to live with.  Ulan is flashy and easy.  A win, win for his future lucky family.  

    Where it all began: Six Days Old!  Only Protection Dog Sales takes the time, does the work and shows you how your new dog was developed.  It matters.  If you want the best of the best you have to buy from the best of the best and PDS has been the world leader in this market for over three decades.


Ulan was a Elite Super Dog puppy and we are very proud of his development and training the same as you will be if he becomes a family member in your home.

It's pretty clear what we think about Ulan. "AMAZING"  Now we have to learn about you, your needs, lifestyle, experience with dogs and expectations.  Even the best of the best dogs might not be the right match for you.  Call us and let our four decades of experience help you make the perfect match for you and your family.  Standing by to help you through the process is Master Trainer David Harris a call and let him guide you through the process of acquiring a super dog for your family.  Learn more about Ulan and give us a call.  +1.502.542.9747 or dogmailcsu@aol.com (Pro-Tip) Texting is best for fast service.

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Ulan von Prufenpuden Video Archive

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Elite Level Obedience From "Ulan" 20 Months Old Offsite

Showing Off His Skills "Ulan" 20 Months Old

Take "Ulan" Shopping With You At Only 18 Months Old

Real Life Protection Drill With "Ulan" 17 Months Old.

Obedience Is Fun and "Ulan" Loves Working At 17 Months.

Taking His Protection Work Seriously "Ulan" At 13 Months Old.

Ulan von Prufenpuden Video Playlist

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