1. Farley von Prufenpuden
  2. 07/04/2021
  3. 65.8
  4. $75,000.00
  5. Amazing Heart & Soul Sweet & Powerful "WOW"
  6. All Heart

    To understand where a dog like Farley got his big heart and love for people you have to look no further than his foster mom and the incredible amount of love and passion she puts into every dog she raises.  Farley Growing Up   The perfect synergy between home raised sweetness and professional training, systems and daily development goals and milestones.  Dogs like Farley don't just happen.  They are the results of years of planning and preparation.  Genetics matters and there are none better than Prufenpuden bloodlines when it comes to the perfect combination of trainability, drive, solid nerves and temperment for the rigors of family life and travel.  Farley has it all and more.  Be sure to watch his development videos and see the work we have put in to make this beautiful boy not just another pretty face, but something much more.

Farley is indeed and amazing dog with a fun tricks up his sleeve......... And he's a 1st class Dock Diving and Swimming Fool!  Ton's of fun having a Doberman that not only can swim, but LOVES swimming and water sports :)  So, what's not to love about Farley?  Well we know all the good stuff about him and we're happy to share the things he's not so good at also.  Not every dog is a match and we are happy to say "No" when the situation is not optimum for the dog or the buyer.  Next step?  Contact us for more information.

Master Trainer David Harris is standing by to discuss your needs.  502-542-9747 (Texting Is Always A Good Option For Faster Service).

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Here is Where You Watch Me Grow Up

There is no better way to understand a dog than to have the opportunity to watch him grow up.  A Protection Dog Sales we understand that and endeavor to document the development of our dogs from early on.  Click the links below and learn more about the love and dedication put into developing a dog like Farley.

Watch My Full Video Playlist Here.