1. Jolt von Prufenpuden
  2. 11/28/2021
  3. 62.2
  4. $85,000.00
  5. A Black Beauty With A Big Heart "FUN" HAPPY" SMART DOG
  6. Well Bred/Raised/Documented

    You have heard it over and over.  The Proof is in the Pudding!  For us at PDS what this means is more showing and less talking.  For sure we talk a lot on our videos, but the mere fact that we have videos showing the development of our dogs "SHOWS" the level of commitment we have to our craft and to you.  We want you to see with your own eyes and hear with your own ears what is going on before you call.  Anyone can tell you what you "WANT" to hear, but only PDS "SHOWS THE WORK"  And once again we have bred, raised, trained and documented a super Giant Schnauzer for your consideration. 

    Health and Longevity are important to our breeding program.  Watch Jolts Granny Go!  VIDEO HERE

Jolt is a kind, well raised, well trained dog for your consideration.  You know your needs better than we do.  You know what type of dog you like. You know your budget and your needs.  Watch Jolts development videos and if you get a sense that this dog might be a good fit take the next step and text or call for more information.  We are easy to reach, always keep our website current, show our work, show you prices and now we are standing by to help you better understand the process of selection, delivery, training for you and all the important aspect of such a purchase.  Let our three decade track record of success guide you.  Contact us now to begin the journey.  Ask for David +1.502.542.9747  or simple text for fast response times. 

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Jolt von Prufenpuden Video Archive

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