1. Jianna von Prufenpuden
  2. 11/28/2021
  3. 57.0
  4. $82,500.00
  5. She wears her heart on her paws. Love Bug!
  6. Heart & Soul

    This beautiful girl has it all.  Looks, kind heart, super fun, super obedient and a naturally protective dog that will always have your back.  She is great now and will only get better as she matures.  Home raised with a pack of kids and farm animals in her life, professionally trained by the best in the business.  This gal was bred, raised and trained by us just for a family like yours.  She loves to travel, hiking, biking, going to kid events, but is equally happy just sitting by your feet and watching old movies.

You know your needs better than we do.  You know what type of dog you like. You know your budget and your needs.  Watch Jiana's development videos and if you get a sense that this dog might be a good fit take the next step and text or call for more information.  We are easy to reach, always keep our website current, show our work, show you prices and now we are standing by to help you better understand the process of selection, delivery, training for you and all the important aspect of such a purchase.  Let our three decade track record of success guide you.  Contact us now to begin the journey.  Ask for David +1.502.542.9747  or simple text for fast response times. 

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Jianna von Prufenpuden Video Archive

Day In The Life With "Jianna" Practicing Life Skills At 19 Months

She May Be Small But She Is Fierce! Jolly "Jianna" at 16 Months Old.

Wheelchair Practice With "Jianna" at 15 Months Old

Take A Bike Ride with "Jianna" at 13 Months Old

Building Confidence at Protecting Protection with "Jianna" only 8 Months old

Superstar "Jianna" only 5 Months Old. Off To A Great Start!

Holy Strong Giant Schnauzer at Only 16 Weeks Old "Jianna"

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