1. Cannon von Prufenpuden (Sold)
  2. 04/01/2012
  3. $35,000.00
  4. If you can afford the best; you will be impressed.

    Sold, Sold, Sold and headed South for the Winter.

    If you are shopping for a once in a lifetime dog, how about buying a dog with lots of lifetime ahead of him verses a three or four year old X-Sport dog with his best years behind him.

    In his early videos he is five months old and out performing adult dogs in both obedience and protection. Cannon von Prufenpuden is outstanding on many levels. He has exceptional manners for a young dog, amazing grasp of obedience commands understanding both hand signals and verbal commands. Home raised under exacting conditions, he is excellent with other animals, loves children, loves to travel and is a powerhouse in protection.

Cannon's pedigree is equally as impressive as is his temperament, training and character. He is bred to be trained and to perform and he is driven to please. Cannon has a wonderful attitude that shows in his obedience videos and a power and confidence that easily translates in his protection videos. To date Cannon has no flaws, weaknesses or vices and his training will continue to impress. Another great young dog in development. Give us a call and we will see if this is your chance to own a "Once in a lifetime" dog that will never let you down. Ask for David @ 502-542-9747

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