1. Kira von Prufenpuden
  2. 12/13/2021
  3. 58.8
  4. $52,000.00
  5. Let This Girl Light Up Your Life With Love And Protection
  6. Good With Children

    Huggable Security all wrapped up in a beautiful type of dog that suits many peoples busy lifestyles. Yet another one of our amazing "K" Litter dogs is all grown up and ready to go to her forever home.  We have worked overtime giving her the skills and experiences needed to fit seamlessly into the home/protector lifestyle.  Her protective skills are solid and yet she is sweet, kind and smitten with children.  We love that about her.

Like all of our dogs here at PDS, Kira was home raised and professionally trained.  How do you know that is true?  Well, we document our work so you can see her development all along the way.  We like to SHOW ARE WORK! 

If you want to know more about Kira be sure to watch her training and development videos and then just shoot me a text so we can set up a call.  Once I know more about you, your lifestyle, experience with dogs, timeline for getting a dog, budget and expectations I can help with the matching process.  It's my superpower!  Call +1.502.542.9747 and ask for David.

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Kira von Prufenpuden Video Archive

Carjacking Training With "Kira" 2 Years Old

Bold, Beautiful, and Black German Shepherd "Kira" 2 Years Old.

Take A Boat Ride With "Kira" On The Kentucky River

Out For A Bike Ride With "Kira" and Junior Handler

What Danger Is A 17m German Shepherd To A Threat? Watch "Kira"

Whenever, Wherever Sha"Kira" 17m Ready For Dock Jumping Retrieval Fun

Kinetic "Kira" 13m Old Tricks And Agility With Ball Play Reward

"Kira" 11m Life Proofing Heeling Learning To Be A Bicycle Partner For You

Powerhouse "Kira" 7.5m Mental Tough Superstar

"Kira" 5 Mo's Agility Obedience And Tricks

Killer "Kira" 18w Superstar Showing Her Physical & Mental Toughness

Amazing Puppy "Kira" 10w Early Super Obedience & Agility Lovely Attitude

OMG Cuteness Overload!! "Kira" 6 Wks Executive Level Puppy

Kira von Prufenpuden Photo Gallery

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