1. Kelly von Prufenpuden
  2. 12/13/2021
  3. 67.0
  4. $80,000.00
  5. Her Love Is Free And You'll Earn Full Time Home Security "Beautiful"
  6. Unbroken Record!

    I know I often sound like a broken record, but when it's good you just have to shout it to the roof tops.  And "Kelly" is not just good, she is GREAT! Same great genetics, same great system of early training and development, same great documentation of the process, but this one had just something special and extra that not all PDS dogs get.  She grew up with the Jedi Master Trainer "David Harris" in his home, on his farm and those first six months of development show in her super character and willingness to please.  Kind and complaint are the hallmarks of any dog that David raises and Kelly is no exception.  The record continues unbroken.

Field tested and mother approved, this girl has been a winner since day one.  Every test, every home, every challenge she has been put to has proven the nature of the girl and it's amazing.  Home Raised, Professionally Trained dog that just loves being part of a family.  Travel, hiking, biking or just snuggling in a warm blanket and watching old movies this girl is ready and willing to please.  She bonds quickly and deeply and wants nothing more than to please. A repeat of a very famous litter we had high hopes from the beginning and Kelly has never failed to please.  We know this dog.  We don't know you.  So, let's get the conversation started to see if this is the right dog for you.  Contact us +1.502.542.9747 (Texting Is Always Best For Fast Replies) and ask for David.  He started this program well over three decades ago and he is a skilled match maker.

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Kelly von Prufenpuden Video Archive

Willing To Be Obedient And Fun To Work "Kelly" at 2 Years Old

On The Farm With "Kelly" At 22 Months Old

Go For A Boat Ride On The Kentucky River With "Kelly" 20 Months Old.

Poolside Obedience & Fun Take A Dip With 18m "Kelly"

Fearless "Kelly" 17m Protection Session

Kind-Hearted "Kelly" 13m Life Proofing Wheelchair Heeling

1yr Old Bicycle Partner "Kelly" Can Always Be By Your Side

Kind, Beautiful and Capable "Kelly" 9 Mo Old Super Star Sparing Session

Non-Stop Tail Waggin' "Kelly" 8m Bi-Black GSD Focused Obedient Lady

"Kelly" 5 Mo's Confidence Course Training

"Kelly" 18 Wk Physical And Mental Toughness During Protection Work

Beautiful Puppy "Kelly" Early Evaluation 6 Wks

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