1. Kalvin von Prufenpuden
  2. 12/12/2021
  3. 68.6
  4. $85,000.00
  5. Beautiful Inside & Out "HOME RAISED FAMILY PROTECTION"
  6. Trustworthy Family Protection

    Genetics Matters, Temperment Matters, Early Training, Home Life and Professional Training Matters and Kalvin has it all!  He was raised in an amazing home with love, kindness and discipline to be the type of dog that is the PDS difference. And documentation to back up all those claims is the PDS difference.  We started showing, not telling, what type of dog Kalvin is at 6 Wks of age (1st video) and have continued that show and tell right up to today.  So, you can trust the PDS difference and give this young handsome fellow a very close look.

Now begins the matching process.  Send us an email and lets us send you educational video about how to work the process forward to ensure that Super Dog Kalvin is a "Super Match" for your family and lifestyle. It's just not a match of personalities and natural skills.  Our "SUPER POWER" is matching the right dog with the right family.  And one way we do that is by knowing our dogs, their parents, their lifestyle growing up and their stenghts and weakness.  Now we need to know more about you.  Watch Kalvin's video libary and learn more about him.  Then contact Master Trainer David Harris and let him guide you forward in the process.  +1.502.542.9747 and as always TEXTING is the best way to get a quick response.  Or email directly to dogmailcsu@aol.com

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Kalvin von Prufenpuden Video Archive

Fun Handsome And Mature "Kalvin" at 2 Years Old

From Boat Rides To ATV Rides "Kalvin" 22 Months Old Does It All

Boat Ride With "Kalvin" 20m Proofing For Life

Kicking It With "Kalvin" 18m Dock Diving Poolside Obedience Fun

Fight Club Drill "Kalvin" 1y6m Confidence And Control

Key-Turn "Kalvin" 13m Old Life Proofing Wheelchair Heeling Session

"Kalvin" 10m Cruises Through Agility Course With Can-Do Attitude

"Kalvin" 7.5 Mo Bi-Black GSD Protection Training

Tough Puppy Sweet And Kind Gentleman "Kalvin" 16 Wks

Super Star Model "Kalvin" 13Wk Athletic Agility Attacking The Obstacle Course

"Kalvin" 6Wks Early Kind & Confident Attitude Super Star

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