1. Krypto von Prufenpuden
  2. 12/11/2021
  3. 69.8
  4. $35,000.00
  5. Amazing Heart & Soul Sweet & Powerful "WOW"
  6. Calm Compliant Confident Companion

    A great young dog, willing to please, fun travel companion, powerhouse personal protection dog. Krypto really does have it all.  Size and looks to be a massive deterrent for any creepy bad guys looking to harm his family.  Krypto is all over that with style, precision, power and safety.  A wonderful dog out and about on the town, hiking, biking or swimming, but equally content to lay about and watch old movies with you.  This boy is well worth a close look. Watch his videos, listen and learn from what we say about him before you call. 

    No smoke and mirrors here.  Just details and documentation of hundreds of hours of work, love and dedication to craft. It shows.

Now you have to take the next step and reach out to us and learn more.  Let us help guide you though the process.  No hurry, no pressure, just information that will help you make the most informed buying decision for yourself and your family.

We are easy to reach, always keep our website current, show our work, show you prices and now we are standing by to help you better understand the process of selection, delivery, training for you and all the important aspect of such a purchase.  Let our three decade track record of success guide you.  Contact us now to begin the journey.  Ask for David +1.502.542.9747  or simply text for fast response times. 

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Krypto von Prufenpuden Video Archive

Howling Good Time With "Krypto" At 22 Months

Come Take A Boat Ride With "Krypto" At 20 Months Old

"Krypto" 19m Protecting His Vehicle From Impending Threat

Is Water "Krypto"nite For A Personal Protection Dog? 17m Swimming Retrieval

"Krypto" 1y 3m Agility Obedience Drill

"Krypto" 14m Old Tricks & Obedience

No Mineral Will Steal His Power "Krypto" 10m Protection

Knockout "Krypto" 6m Solid Black GSD Agility & Obedience

"Krypto" 4m Powerhouse Grip

WARNING! Cuteness Overload "Krypto" 7Wk Old

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