1. Kick von Prufenpuden
  2. 12/13/2021
  3. 78.5
  4. $85,500.00
  5. Kick Up Your Feet And Let This Fella Keep Watch
  6. You'll Get A Kick Out Of This Guy!

    Kick always lives up to his name.  Funny, happy, safe, compliant and a powerful force to "Kick" some bad guy A*S.  This one is kid friendly, mother approved and fun, fun, fun.  Whether it's hiking, biking or napping, this beautiful boy is all in.  He just loves his people and wants nothing more than to be a part of the family. Home Raised and Professionally trained this boy has seen it all, done it all and never disappoints.  He is a kind dog with a big heart and powerful, super controlled and versatile protective skills. 

Be sure to watch is extensive video library and "Listen" to us talk about him from day one. We knew this boy had elite level ability.  All that was needed was time, patience and skilled training to bring out the best in this beautiful boy.  Watch and See.  We've done the work and we've documented like no other company.  The next step is on you.  Contact us.  Let us know what you are looking for and we can help with the matching process.  Unlike other companies that just tell you what you want to hear, we actually know if this dog will make a good match with your lifestyle.

We are easy to reach, always keep our website current, show our work, show you prices and now we are standing by to help you better understand the process of selection, delivery, training for you and all the important aspect of such a purchase.  Let our three decade track record of success guide you.  Contact us now to begin the journey.  Ask for David +1.502.542.9747  or simply text for fast response times. 

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Kick von Prufenpuden Video Archive

Protection Anywhere You Go With "Kick" 26 Months Old.

Taking It Up A Notch With "Kick" At 2 Years Old.

Down On The Farm With "Kick" At 22 Months Old.

Working On Life Skills With "Kick" At 20 Months

Easy To "Kick" Start This Guy! 1.5 Yrs Protection Session

Poolside Fun "Kick" Kick Kick Your Feet 17m Obedience W/ Toy Reward

"Kick" 15m Old Task Retrieval

Kickstart Your Day 1yr Old "Kick" On A Bike Ride Ready To Do Life At Your Side

Power Driven "Kick" 9m Beast Mode Engaged

"Kick" 6m Off Leash Off Site Obedience

"Kick" 5m Athletic & Energetic Fella Breezing Through Obstacle Agility Course

Elite Premium Select GSD Puppy "Kick" 6 Wks

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