1. Ion von Prufenpuden
  2. 11/20/2021
  3. 77.8
  4. $75,000.00
  5. Positively Charged "Ion" Is Ready To Bond With You
  6. He "Will" Keep and Eye On You

    We have had a lot of fun with Ion's name, but as odd as it seems he has lived up to the jokes and bad puns.  He is that "Old Soul" dog that we all love so much.  Kind, gentle, loving and concerned about your well being.  He just wants you to be happy and works hard to ensure that you are.  He feels what you feel and he cares.  That is not a super common trait in a dog that is as powerful as he is in the protection work.  He is a "BEAST" that knows how to control his emotions and that is rare and valuable in such a young dog.

I strongly suggest you keep "YOUR" eye on this one and snatch him up quick before either the price goes up or he sells.  One of those things is very likely to happen as the market for such dogs is very strong. 

Home raised, family oriented, professionally trained with amazing social skills.  He's a very good boy and very suitable for most homes.  Call now to find out if he is the right dog for you and your needs. Call now   +1.502.542.9747  Ask for Master Trainer David Harris and let's see if Ion will be your new best friend and guardian.  Pro-Tip: Texting is the best way to get fast service. 

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Ion von Prufenpuden Video Archive

Happy Willing and Loves The Ball "Ion" 2 Years Old

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13m Old "Ion" Bicycle Heeling & Agility Session

Keep Your Eye On "Ion" 11.5m Shows His Competence When A Threat Arises

"Ion" 10.5 Mo Easy Breezy Obedience Work & Agility Course

Impressive "Ion" Von 6.5m Sable GSD Calm Adaptable Nature

"Ion" 7.5 Week Old German Shepherd Puppy Early Training

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