1. Urmi von Prufenpuden
  2. 07/24/2022
  3. 65.4
  4. $85,000.00
  5. The Potential Runs Deep With This Doberman Beauty
  6. Steady Steady Urmi

    Well bred, well raised, well trained and full of life, life experience and talent.  He is a fun, happy, kind, sweet dog that wants to be a big, big part of your life.  To own a Doberman is to never be alone.  They want to be with you.

    Urmi was on of 13 siblings and has quickly showed that he is one of the best of the bunch.  He has a great video library showing off a wide variety of skill and we know this dog well.

Urmi's first foster family has three children, cats, small dogs and because they homeschool they are always on the go.  Added bonus, both foster mom and dad are full time trainers for PDS as well as fostering Urmi though his early days of training and development.  WOW!  What a plus and a blessing for him to have such an amazing start to life. Inflation, crime and political uncertainty continue to fuel the need for more and more security options for your family. 

Now, it is time to get to know you.  Every dog is perfect for someone, but not for everyone.  Contact us and we will start helping you learn about the process of buying a personal protection dog to add another layer of love, companionship, fun and security to your life. The prices will continue to rise.  So call now!

Master Trainer and CEO of Protection Dog Sales, David Harris, is ready to take your call  +1.502.542.9747  (Pro Tip) Texting is the fastest way to get his attention.


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Urmi von Prufenpuden Video Archive

Tricks Are For Fun and "Urmi" Loves To Have Fun!

Proofing For Life With "Urmi" At 20 Months Old

Locked In And Focused "Urmi" At 17 Months Old.

Power House Protection "Urmi" 17 Months Old

Agility Course Challenge "Urmi" 14 Months Old.

Training Is Fun Offsite With Friends 11m "Urmi"

Life Proofing Bike Skills With "Urmi" 11 Months Old.

Obedience Practice With "Urmi" With 8 Months Old.

Watch Me Show Off My Strength. Protection Drill With "Urmi" 7 Months Old.

Off Leash Obedience At The Capital With 6 Month Old "Urmi"

No Slow Down On The Agility Course With Urmi at 12 Weeks

"Urmi" 7w Early Building Block Development With Protection Dog Results

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