1. Iyla von Prufenpuden
  2. 11/20/2021
  3. 57.8
  4. $60,000.00
  5. Kind Gentle Willing To Please Happy Fun Protective Companion Home Or Travel
  6. Planned To Perfection!

    I love it when a plan comes together.  From the breeding, to the early training and care, right down to very advanced training for such a young girl, this wonderful German Shepherd is exactly what we planned for her to be.  A kind, gentle, beautiful (inside and out) home raised, yet professionally trained dog with heart and soul.  This dog has vast experiences well beyond her age and that, backed up with her gentle, kind spirit, has made her the choice for a busy family on the go. She is wonderful with other pets, small children and is content to just be with her people.

And the great news is that you don't have to take my word on it.  Iyla has well over 20 documented videos showing our work with her over the last year.  She has been busy and we have too.  From start to finish we had a plan and we have taken the time to document and test our work.  Iyla is all that we expected and more.  Buy her now and enjoy a long happy life with this amazing young dog or buy her now and let us advance her training to an even higher level fully customized to suit your needs.  Depending on your wants and needs this dog can go further.  LETS TALK and discuss your needs and this wonderful girl.  Text me for fast response times to set up a call.  502-542-9747 Master Trainer David Harris or email david@protectiondogsales.com for more information on our amazing company.  And YES, you will be amazed.

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Training Videos Here

Dogs like "Iyla" do not just happen.  They are made with hard work, love and dedication to craft.  We are Masters at the breeding, training and development of PPD's and no other company even comes close to our documentation of our work.  Take your time and check it out.

8 Wk Old Prey Drive Testing

Obedience Session At 12 Wks Old

20 Wk Old Iyla Protection Work

Agility And Obedience At 6 Months Old

6 Month Old Naturally Protective

Obedience With Ball Reward 8 Months Old

11 Month Old Agility Course Session

Life Proofing Skill Bicycle Heeling At 1 Year Old

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