1. Evie von Dak
  2. 04/29/2022
  3. 60.2
  4. $24,500.00
  5. Kind Hearted Home Raised Powerful Protection
  6. A Rare Opportunity

    Home Bred and Raised as a personal dog by her breeder, Evie found herself in need of a new home due to a medical (human) emergency that forced her previous owner to re-home her.  We liked everything about this beautiful young dog and decide to give her a chance to blossom in our program and she has done just that. She had the genetics to do so, a loving, talented human mom to get her started off right and then we just followed up with some professional guidance to push her along.  Now she is ready to come your way while the PRICE IS RIGHT!

If you want more advanced training she is capable. Lock in her low price now and just pay us to continue her development and training to suit your needs.  $3,500/month paid by the month.  No contract or obligation.  Just month to month.  Watch her develop with us or take her now and let her grow up in your home.  Additional training can happen anytime your ready or maybe she's just perfect for you the way she is.  She is an easy dog to live with and an easy dog to love.  We know this girl and her amazing potential.  Now we need to know about you and what you're looking for in a dog.

We want great matches and will help you make a great match.  That is good for you, us and very importantly for the dog.  We are experts in the matching process.  Let us guide your quest.  Call now +1.502.542.9747 (texting is best for fast responses) and talk with Master Training and CEO of PDS "David Harris" and let him put his 30+ years of experience to work for you. 

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