1. Xanthos von Prufenpuden
  2. 02/08/2023
  3. 66.2
  4. $66,000.00
  5. A Dream Come True "Naturally Protective" Super Trained Love Bug

    Stop Dreaming about owning a Elite Level trained Giant Schnauzer.  This program works. And this puppy is a wonderful candidate for advanced training though the Super Dog program. Clients from all over the US and sixteen countries around the world have taken advantage of this program.  Xanthos is a great candidate. Here is a peek at what this puppy is capable of becoming:  Adult Giant Schnauzer Profile
    Two advantages of the Super Dog programs:
    1) It guarantees you will actually get the dog you are looking for. 
    2) You control the budget.  We require a minimum of six (6) months of additional training Super Dog Program $4,500/month to buy Xanthos. But if you wait for us to complete his training without locking in the price, then one of two things will happen.  One is that someone else will buy the dog before you get a chance and the other is the price will double if not triple due to very high demand and low supply. 
Our program for raising dogs in home, but being supervised by a full team of professionals works and we have proven it works over and over again.  Some would say that the "Proof Is In The Pudding" and they would be right.  Other companies just talk about what they can do and we have show the results of our superior Giant Schnauzer breeding and training programs
Xanthos price will go up rapidly.  Call and lock in this price now to save thousands.

We will require an additional six (6) months minimum training @ $4,500/month to buy Xanthos

Be sure to check that out and then contact Master Trainer David to discuss the breed, your needs, your goals and to decide if this is the right way for you to acquire a super dog for your families protection and enjoyment.   Call now or text for super fast service +1.502.542.9747
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Big, Strong, and Confident "Xanthos" at 9 Month Old.

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Work Is Fun When Your Good At It Xanthos 6 Months Old

Xanthos Showing Off How Cool He Is At 5 Months Old

So Brave and Obedient At only 16 Wks

Wow Look At That Obedience only 13 Wks

Practicing for Hotel Stays at 12 Wks

Studying Hard at The Library 12 Wks Old

No Obstacle To Big For 10 Wk Xanthos

7wk Super Dog Candidate

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