1. Xyla von Prufenpuden
  2. 02/08/2023
  3. 35.0
  4. $24,500.00
  5. She Has What It Takes To Be Great! Lock In Now & Save $$$$$$$
  6. Potential Elite Super Star!

    I have been watching puppy Giant Schnauzers early development for over a decade and I can see "Potential" like no other.  I see that Xyla has all the ingredients to become a super dog like her mother and grandmother.  Most companies have very litter experience with this breed, but PDS has a proven track record of success.  Check out some of our super stars from the past  Raven Babies and be sure to ask other sellers to show you some of their video :)  That should be fun. All joking aside Experience Matters and I know this pup is going to be great.

Home Raised/Professionally Trained dogs is the domain of PDS.  Other companies talk about it, but we are the only company that has the documentation and proof of concept to "Show" you.

15,000+ videos on our Youtube Channel is a great start, but there is much, much more behind the development of an amazing Giant Schnauzer and we have put in the work to learn the secret sauce needed to get the most out of this amazing breed. Check out the finished product by clicking "HERE" 

Xyla is a great puppy and now all she needs is time, education and life experiences to be the most amazing dog you have ever owned.  BAB or SD training and about six to ten more months of development sounds about right. But, we can talk about your needs when you call. Call Master Trainer David Harris at +1.502.542.9747 Text or Email dogmailcsu@aol.com 

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