1. Faren von Prufenpuden
  2. 07/09/2021
  3. 51.6
  4. $75,000.00
  5. This Adventurous Beauty Is Ready To Be By Your Side
  6. Superior genetics, amazing foster family with a decade of experience and a team of professional trainers overseeing every single step of her training and development.

    Act fast because Faren should not to be overlooked.  She is a happy, sweet, willing to please young girl, just like her siblings from our previous litter.  We repeated this breeding for good reason.  They Are Amazing!  They learn fast, train fast, have amazing temperments and trainability.

    There are a lot of factors that go into the matching process. So when you call us we will learn more about you, your needs and goals and that will help us understand if Faren is the right match or perhaps there is a better match.  We will know.  Experience Matters and we have been doing this for three decades.


Faren is everything we look for in a Personal Protection Doberman.  Beautiful, regal, powerful and obedient, but with a happy, fun and sometimes goofy side to her.  She is a natural protector with the mental and physical toughness to back up her intentions to keep her family safe.  We love her and you will too. 

PDS is the World Leader because we listen to our clients and know how to match our product and services to your individual needs.  Start fresh and give Master Trainer David Harris a call and let him guide you though the process of acquiring a super dog for your family.  Learn more about the Super Dog Program and give us a call.   +1.502.542.9747 (Pro-Tip) Texting is best for fast service.

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Faren von Prufenpuden Video Archive

Biking Partner "Faren" 2y2m Home Raised Family Security On The Go

Powerful and Strong "Faren" 22m

A Swimming Doberman! Wow! 22m "Faren"

Showing off Her Focus in Obedience "Faren" 18m

Taking a Boat Ride On The Kentucky River "Faren" 11m

Agility Speed Demon "Faren" 8m

Prancing Super Star "Faren" 6m Total Package Of Tricks & Obedience

The Strength Ghost "Faren" 15w Fun On Haunted House Agility Super Confident

No Need To Call The Manager W/ "Faren" 9w Great Temperament Along W/ Confidence

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