1. Zailor von Prufenpuden
  2. 05/26/2023
  3. 26.0
  4. $13,500.00
  5. Wonderful Temperment/Powerful Protection/Super Star!

    Zailor has attitude and it's "All Good"! This young rock-star has it all.  Beautiful type, athletic build, sharp mind, superior genetics and coupled with our amazing training and development system, this one has the making of one of the best of the best.  I feel really good about this one.  Great foster family, super early training, it's going on now.  Jump on now or watch this training train pass you by.  Crime isn't slowing down, Zailor's training isn't slowing down, but the price will just keep climbing.  So, lock in the price now, pick a program that suits your needs and save, save, save on the price of an already finished dog.
    Our BAB & Super Dog programs are well documented and have an amazing record of success in producing some of the top level family personal protection dogs in the world.  Our foundation work is unparalleled and then we add into that mix the specifics of your needs, lifestyle, time line and budget for acquiring and super dog to add another layer of joy and security to your family dynamics.  Which program is best for you?  Call and we'll talk about it.


Love runs deep with this beauty, and that is where protection should come from.  Not like a police dog or military dog whose aggression stems from defensive fear.  We are masters at training and development, so let us do the work for you.  Zailor is for sell "Only" with additional development and training.  Lock in his price now because it will rise rapidly.

Zailor has six figure potential in our program and we have the proof to back up that claim.  Buy now and save.  Eight months minimum contract required at $3,500/month.  We have well over 10,000 videos showing our work, so seeing what Zailor will mature into is super easy.  Just ask.  Call now or regret it later.  Contact David Harris @ +1.502.542.9747 (texting is best for fastest response) or email dogmailcsu@aol.com for additional information. Don't hesitate or delay.  

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