1. Pax von Prufen CD
  2. 04/16/2022
  3. 66.0
  4. $135,000.00
  5. Beautiful Inside & Out "HOME RAISED FAMILY PROTECTION" Elite Level Super Dog
  6. Something Special About This One

    This boy has been on our radar from the moment he was weaned.  He just had that extra spark that set him apart, so we wisely placed him in a foster home where that spark could be nurtured and allowed to grow at a natural pace and WHEW that pace was speedy.  Watch his his incredible develop in living color. Like all the best dogs from our program, Pax has a LOT of videos.  Thirty one to be exact starting with him at 7 Wks of age and "SHOWING NOT TALKING" about his development right up until now.  Amazing is what you will see when you take the time to watch and listen to us talk about this amazing dog. 

    His VIDEO BROCHURE is a good summary of this amazing dog.

Watch and Listen to that summary of his life and let us know if this sounds like a dog that was raised for you.  We have thought of everything and left no stone unturned in his development.  Literally hundreds of hours have been put into this amazing boy.  We know Pax, but what we don't know is you and your needs.  Now is the time to call and gather all the information you can and let us learn about you.  Matching our dogs, dogs we raised and trained with the right family is important to us and it is our superpower.  We're good at it and unlike other fly by night companies, we have a great selections.  So, we do not have to sell the dog we have.  We want to sell you the right dog.  Is Pax a great dog?  Yes.  Is he the right dog for you?  Maybe.  Call and lets find out.

Call now and speak with Master Trainer David Harris to learn if Pax is the right match for your lifestyle.  +1.502.542.9747 (texting is best for faster service).

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