Specializing in elite Rideshare service for groups and parties up to 39 people.

Select a driver and arrange your ride today!

Our vehicles are well maintained and equipped with lights, music and party amenities to make your experience above and beyond!! 

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Jim - "Disco Durango"

I am Jim, a 49 year-old married father who drives Rideshare to make sure you have a great time as well as get to your destination and back safely. You can leave the stressful part to me as you sit back and enjoy the ride!

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Susan - "Rideshare Queen"

I drive The Karaoke Minivan. A silver Honda Oddessy with leather interior that seats 7 passengers. I've been at the lake for over 20yrs and know all the best lake bars, restaurants and venues! I can tell you where the party is!

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Paul - "Your wish is my command"

After three years of rideshare driving, I have extensive experience with over 4,000 rides. My SUV is a 7 passenger Black Honda Pilot 4wd with leather interior, and is equipped with led party lights, Spotify, and party amenities.

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Magnus - "Green King"

I am a 42 year old Driver who has been doing this for 3 years. However, through out all my life I have found myself professionally driving in some capacity. If there is anyway I can make your ride more comfortable please let me know.

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Justin - "White knight"

I'm Justin, a 35 year-old married father who drives Rideshare to help pay the bills. You can leave the driving to me and relax, let's party!

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Nate - "Zoom-Zoom™ Mobile"

I am Nate, a 30-year-old married man, helping to keep you safe and get you where you need to go. I drive a 2017 Mazda 3 with leather seats and a Bose™ 5.1 Sound System.


Our drivers will make sure to get you where you need to go in style all while having an amazing time!

(Lake Ride Pros)

Lake Ride Pros, getting you to your destination in style

All rides are arranged through Rideshare platforms, which insures your party will have competent, professional drivers, and appropriate insurance coverage to ensure everyone's safety.