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  1. Doberman Puppies BAB & Super Dog Candidates
  2. July 09, 2021
  3. 10.0
  4. $5,500.00
  5. The "F" Litter has arrived! Whooo Hoooooo!!
  6. Doberman (or ANY Breed) Puppy Training Candidate

    The "F" Litter arrived July 9th.  EXCITING!!

    NEW VIDEO @ 4 Weeks

    F Litter 5 Wks

    New Video @ 7 Wks


    We very rarely sell puppies.  However we do sell puppies (German Shepherds, Dobermans, Giant Schnauzers and custom orders) and allow the new owners to LEAVE them here with us for development and training via our exclusive "Build A Beastprogram. WHY leave your puppy with us?  Because we have three decades of experience developing and training them. The BAB program allows you to have an amazing dog custom trained to your exact specifications. The "SD" Super Dog and "ESD" programs can be discussed as we learn more about your needs. We have honed this craft over the last thirty years and have produced hundreds of super high quality personal protection dogs that have been raised and trained to the clients exact specifications.  Our VAST library of videos is unparalled in the industry.  It SHOWS our ability.  Youtube Channel

    Want to SEE the Z Litters Future?  Check out their older Siblings. Click Here To See "S" Litter Development

    Looking for the BEST of the BEST?  Learn more here "Private Select"

SUPER Breeding!!!   $5500 for females and $6500 for males. A chance at greatness. Additional training cost $3000 for the BAB Program. $3,500 for the SD program or $4,500/month for the ESD program.  Each program is paid in advance of each month.  Pups for sale to select homes only and for the BAB, Super Dog or for the rare individual the ESD program.  Because of extremely high demand and low supply we are requiring a minum of eight months of training.  More is recommended, but a minimum contract of eight (8) to (10) months is required.

Some will qualify for the Super Dog Program.  

In the BAB, SD or ESD (Elite Super Dog) program you will pay for the puppy and it will be yours hence forward.  It will stay with us and be assigned to a PUPPY RAISER HOME for personal development/training and you will pay monthly for your puppies board, care and professional training by our elite training staff at Protection Dog Sales.   The proof is in the product and our 8000+ videos on youtube show over and over again the type of dog this program produces for our clients.  So, if you are looking for a superior dog to those offered by the resellers of imported cast off dogs, then give us a call and see if this program suits yours and your families needs.  502-542-9747 and ask for Senior Master Trainer David Harris or email dogmailcsu@aol.com for a price quote.  Watch video of BAB program here: Build A Beast

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