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  1. GS Puppies "Build A Beast" or "Super Dog"
  2. October 08, 2020
  3. 10.0
  4. $5,500.00
  5. Low Shedding Super Puppies With Customized Training. Learn More Here.
  6. Build A Beast & Super Dog Candidates Are Coming!

    "W" Litter Born 08/23/2020 (SOLD OUT)

    Cute Puppies! Click Here

    X Litter BORN!! October 8, 2020 ( You better call now. Selling fast!!! )

    Females $5500 & Males $6500

    You have been wanting a fully trained, home raised, professionally trained Giant Schnauzer.  You have searched high and low and you cannot find one?  Now you have the chance to not only get the dog of your dreams, but be able to make payments towards that super dog instead of one lump payment.  You cannot go wrong with the BAB.  We have raised, trained and delivered BAB dogs all over the world.  The "Proof is in the Pudding" and we know how to cook. ******Minimum 10 Month Contract Required*******

At six weeks of age we start grading these babies.  After grading they go into individual foster homes and training begins immediately.  Progress comes rapidly using very advanced positive reinforcement methods designed to build confidence and build drive.  Learn about how we home raise our dogs here. "HOME SWEET HOME"  

Most of the puppies will be candidates for the "Build A Beast" and a select few will be eligible for the "Super Dog" program.  Details coming soon.

BAB Program cost is $3000/month is paid in advance of each month towards the training and development of your personal protection dog. Super Dog Program is $3,500/month.  I will add many, many videos here so you can SEE the development of the Giant Schnauzers at all ages.  Be sure to check that out and then contact David @ 502-542-9747 to discuss the breed, your needs, your goals and to decide if this is the right way for you to acquire a super dog for your families protection and enjoyment. 

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